‘Mind’ your workout

Coaching for change

If you struggle with food, weight, body image, or self-acceptance this service is for you.

“Each year approximately 44 million people try to ‘lose’ weight, spending 30 billion on diet foods, pills and special regimens. Yet 90 to 95 percent of those who ‘lose’ weight fail to keep it off and often gain back more than they ‘lost’.” If you’re caught on this roller coaster ride, it’s time to get off.

‘Mind’ your workout is designed for people who have struggled to feel good about their bodies, for those who have conflict about food and weight, and for those who want to stop the endless cycle of diet and deprivation. The focus on the whole self makes this service different from others you’ve tried and it will lead you toward the results you desire.

Learn to love your body through gentle yoga, affirmations, guided imagery, EFT and hypnosis. This service is designed to help you achieve and maintain weight release without the struggle and stress of incessant dieting.

Use the power of your mind to change your life