I AM – Power of Words

“The language you speak is made up of words that are killing you”

“I AM” Whatever you follow those words with will become your destiny. You are and become whatever you think, say, and do. Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, I am way too clumsy to do that.” or “I am too old to do that” and here is another one that just drives me c r a z y: “Well, I am getting old. You know your metabolism slows down when you get old. That is why I am fat.”

Through social interaction, groups create the symbols that make life meaningful. Reality does not impose the names and definitions of things, but rather people must define things and make them meaningful in order to make them socially real. Through interaction we create and agree upon common definitions of physical reality, behaviors, morals, even our religious and philosophical views.

The language of a group reflects a consensus and defines the possibilities that are open to us.  Language is not neutral.  For all cultures and subcultures, it is a potent set of symbols that we come to accept directly and largely unconsciously; and these shared symbols influence how we sense, feel and think.

Incurable, disease, hopeless, denial, hit bottom, powerless, genetic, relapse, surrender, not responsible – these are part of the lexicon of the 12-Step culture. To what kind of vision can a person aspire who has absorbed these words into his psyche? What kind of power can he reasonably display in his life when he has attuned himself to a language that whispers defeat within his inner dialogue?  A mantra of powerlessness will logically reveal itself in the self-fulfilling reality of surrender, denial and relapse.

Weight, I AM: when you believe you’re fat, feelings of disgust and hatred get stirred up. Your critic chimes in, calling you weak and lazy. You then decide to go on a crash diet to prove to yourself that you’re not a slouch and you can lose weight. However, when the diet fails, you feel frustrated, depressed, and hopeless. Your critic makes sure you’re aware of how fat you still are and how you can’t get this dieting thing right. Eventually you jump on the dieting bandwagon again, with the hope of ‘losing’ weight and finally feeling good about yourself. You’re so busy going on and off diets that you don’t consider that it’s your belief that’s causing the turmoil and needs to be changed – not necessarily your weight. Also, consider this from a subconscious perspective (keeping in mind the sub mind does not have the power to reason) –what happens when you ‘lose’ something in your life –you typically go looking for it!

Just a few examples of the power of words/beliefs – all of those “I AM” statements shape the destiny of the person who says them.

Once you have authorship of yourself, you come out of silence into activity to write own story.