Tap into it

What is EFT?
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It re-writes the programs contained in your subconscious, just like you would re-write software contained in your computer hard drive. Once your subconscious programs are changed, you are no longer at the control of your emotions – you are the master of your emotions. Getting out of overwhelm is no longer just a dream, it’s a possibility, as long as you know how to use EFT effectively…and I’m going to show you how.
Here are some science-based facts:

Conscious Mind

  • Controls our waking life 5% of the time
  • Hopes
  • Dreams
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Affirmations
  • Effort
  • Downloads 40 bits of information a second

Subconscious Mind

  • 80% of which were created by our 7th birthday (acquired from family and community, most of which are limiting you from your fullest potential)
  • Controls our waking life 95% of the time
  • It is simply a record/playback machine. You cannot change it by simply talking
  • Contains habits/systems
  • It’s main function is to keep you safe
  • Rewriting the beliefs held here show up as Habit not Effort
  • Downloads 40 million bits of information a second (it is one million times stronger than the conscious mind!)

Looking at these facts objectively, which one usually wins?  Subconscious, the Master Processor.  And if you understand that 95% of your beliefs about yourself are beyond your conscious awareness you now have some idea of why things might not have been turning out like you expected them to.


Karate Chop Point (KC): This point is on the side of your hand, in the middle of the fleshy part.

Eyebrow (EB): This point is at the inside edge of the eyebrow, above the inside corner of the eye.

Side of the Eye (SE): This point is next to the outside of the eye, on the temple.

Under the Eye (UE): This point is just below the middle of the eye, near the edge of the bone.

Under the Nose (UN): This point is in the indentation just between the middle of the nose and the middle of the upper lip.

Chin (CH): This point is on the middle of the chin, just below the crease.

Collarbone CB): This point is a tender area close to the end of the collar bone, next to the u-shaped indentation below the neck, just under the bone.

Under the Arm (UA): This point is in the the tender area on the side of the chest about four inches below the armpit.

Top of the Head (TH): This point is at the crown of the head.